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Hey! Welcome to SongShop!

My name is Steven Gerein. I am an independent writer, country artist, and the founder of SongShop. 

I created this platform because it’s something I was looking for and something I thought the industry desperately needed. 

As an independent writer it’s tough to get your music in front of the right people and know who to trust. This is a barrier I wanted to break down, and in the process create more opportunities for writers than any platform that has existed before. 

Since the launch of SongShop in 2020, I have partnered with Nashville publishers, music companies in Europe, and am able to bring artists and writers opportunities I dreamed of having 5 years ago!

I am so excited to see where the next year takes us, and I would love to have you along for the ride! 

How many “successful” writers do you know that AREN'T getting consistent promotion of their song catalog?

I bet it’s tough to think of one!

That’s because they all have a platform (a publisher) promoting their songs for them.


SongShop was created to give independent songwriters a platform to promote their songs to artists all over the world!

It was created to make the licensing process easy. You don’t need to have a legal degree to use our site. 

Don’t understand how licensing works? No problem! Our automated system takes care of EVERYTHING for you!

SongShop pays you instantly when an artist licenses your song.

Let us take care of promoting your catalogue, so you can focus on writing amazing music!



What Does A Membership Include?

Access To The Pitch Platform

With SongShops’s Pitch Platform, you get to see who is looking for songs, a description of what they are looking for, and the chance to hear the artists sound and style! So you can take all the guess work out of what song to send, and hitting a bulls eye with your pitches – every time! 


Make Money With Your Songs

Every time a license is sold on your songs, you get 50% of the sale. So you can instantly get paid when an artist licenses your song! 

KEep 100% of Mechanical & Performance Royalties

You keep 100% of any and all royalties you make with your songs, so you can maximize profits every time! SongShop will NEVER take a cut of your royalties.


Keep 100% of Your Publishing and Copyright

Like your royalties, we believe that your creative works are simply yours. And that’s the way it should be – so you can shop your music around wherever, and whenever you want to.

Use of Our Simple Licensing System

Purchasing a license on your songs is as simple as shopping at your favourite online store! 

Use our built in automated licensing system, so you can license your songs hassle free, which means no legal troubles down the road!


Your OWn Personal Profile

Send artists, publishers, labels, or even your mom to your profile to check out what you have to offer!

Your profile includes a photo, bio, song catalogue, and links to other services to promote yourself!

Use your SongShop profile as a way to advertise yourself on and off of SongShop.

Song Catalogue Hosting

Storage for all of your song demos. Making it easy to direct potential artists to one place to listen to and license your music!

List Your Songs As Public or Private

Have a few songs you are saving for the right singer or artist? List your songs publicly or privately, enabling you to control who hears your songs.

Worldwide Song Promotion

Life is busy, let us take care of promoting your music. With our partnerships and ever growing contact list we strive to get your music in front of artists looking to record your songs. So you can spend your time writing great songs and living your best life! 


- PLUS -

- Get Past The Gate Keepers -

Pitch Your Songs To Major Label Artists!

*opportunites pictured may not be available at the time of registration*

Access To Instant Messaging

SongShop Is The Only Platform That Connects You Directly With Artists Interested in Your Music!

"SongShop is something the music business has been crying out for, for many years."
"A great platform for both songwriters and artists alike."

Every successful writer is constantly developing their skills and honing their craft. That’s why we’re commited to helping you become the best you can be!

When you become a member of SongShop, you get access to tools that will help you move forward as a writer:


  • Writer Camps
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Work with hit writers to learn how to write songs artists want to record

Song Reviews

  • Get constructive feedback
    on your songs
  • Learn what you're doing right and where you need improvement

Education Tools

  • Writing Guides
  • Pitching Guides
  • Resources and music biz information

Demo Studio

  • Get Members Only access to special rates on professional demos with our demo studio. A great sounding demo is crucial to getting more artists recording your songs!

We know you are passionate about your songwriting. You want to inspire people and leave your mark on the world.

With SongShop, you can license your songs in as little as 2 Days!

To Recap, You Get:

  • Access to our online pitching platform
  • Pitch Your Songs to independent and major label artists
  • Get paid when a license sold on your songs plus:
  • 100% of all mechanical and performance royalties you are entitled to.
  • Keep 100% of ALL Royalties and Copyrights
  • Use of SongShop’s built in licensing system
  • A personal profile
  • Song Catalogue Hosting 
  • Ability to have songs public or private (viewable by link and direct pitch only)
  • Song Promotion to Artists all over the world!
  • Access to instant messaging
  • Access to writer tools

Other pitching services you are paying 30-40$ PER PITCH and they offer zero extra promotion...


With SongShop, A Membership GIVES YOU unlimited access to all we have to offer!


14 Day Free Trial
14 Days Free
Renews at $9.99 Per Month
  • Unlimited Access To Pitch Platform
  • 25 Song Catalogue
  • Access To Instant Messaging
  • Higher Song Placements
  • 50% of License Sales + 100% Of
    ALL Royalties
  • Personal Profile
  • Plus so much more!!
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Let me ask you this – Have you ever had anyone with a big name cut your song? Then the chances of getting a big name cut is slim. But here’s the good news, with a good track record, and having up-and-comers record your songs –  your chances get a lot better. You are able to submit your songs for A – List Artist pitches using the SongShop Pitch Platform.

I can’t tell you SongShop will get big name artists to record your songs, but it will help build your portfolio of artists who have. We have record labels and artists browsing our catalogue for new material, so if they record your song and blow up –  you have your first A list cut!


You’re right. Making money as a writer can be tough. But with SongShop I’m trying to change that! SongShop is different for a few reasons:

  1. You make money from the licensing fee upfront – no other platform does this
  2. You keep 100% of your royalties – traditional publishers always take a cut
  3. Licenses have mechanical royalties built in. Every time your song gets sold you get paid. (Payouts are based on a 6 month schedule)

The more artists that record your songs, the more money you can make! Licensing is the new way of doing things, it’s how you can make money as a writer!

Your songs are being promoted to artists consistently. I only provide the platform and promotion, the thing that’s going to sell the license is your song. If your song is great, artists will record it. SongShop is only as good as the songs that are uploaded! If you believe your songs are good and will sell, then they will sell! There are currently hundreds of artists and labels signed up on the platform waiting for the right songs to come along!

No, you need recorded demos of your songs. Lyrics, melody, and music are required.

No way! What you see is what you pay. Your membership fee will NEVER go up

There is no guarantee you will earn any money or sell any licenses using SongShop. Your subscription will renew at $9.99 per month after 14 days.

We guarantee your songs will be heard when you pitch songs to SongShop. We cannot guarantee other artists using the platform will listen to your songs.

Any and all forward-looking statements here, or on any of our sales materials are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors are important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or the testimonials of our customers. In fact, no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from the ideas and techniques on our platform



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