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My Mission Is To Transform Independent Artist’s Careers

There are 5 Essential Areas Every Artist NEEDS To Focus On In Order To Build A Successful Business! Read On To See How You Can Transform INto SO Much More Than An Artist.


From: The Desk Of Steven Gerein - SongShop CEO
The Music Business Kind Of Sucks...
Especially if you have no idea where to start! If you're like most artists I work with, you got into this business for the love of music.... Not to sit around and create marketing plans all day!

Well, the reality is...

Whether you are currently trying to make waves in the industry, or just getting started

...Your Music Doesn't Sell Itself!

Think about it! You don't actively go search out new artists to listen to daily - do you?
So why would you assume your potential fans are seeking out your AMAZING MUSIC?!

So, if you're doing this

(Sending Your Music Into Space Hoping Someone Will See It)

You’re leaving so many potential fans without the joy of hearing your music!

But it’s okay! If potential fans and income have fallen away, sometimes it’s just as simple as reaching down to pick them up.

All you need to do is get systems set up properly and a solid Business Plan in place

The #1 Mistake Artists Keep Making:

Going through their career with no plan! They make a posts to their social media on the days of their releases “Out now on all streaming platforms!” and then crickets… They get upset when they don’t have the success they want and blame it on “the music business”

OR! Mistake #2….

Focusing only on one avenue for their music like Spotify streams. Unable to turn streams into fans, they get frustrated….

The truth is:

You aren’t in the Music Business

You’re in the MARKETING business!
The Successful Indie Artist doesn’t have the best voice, the best songs, or the best production… 
What they do have is the best marketing plan and business mindset!

But I get it 

When I first started my career a decade ago I had no idea what I was doing. I made advertising and marketing mistakes that cost my band thousands and thousands of dollars – not to mention the singles that absolutely flopped from making bad choices!

The modern day artist needs to wear SO many hats! And trying to wear them all at once can be overwhelming – especially if you have no idea where to start or what to do first…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have EVERYTHING set up for you? 

AND! Be coached along the way on how to use the tools and strategies on your own?

Just think how much time and money it would save you down the road if YOU could wear all the hats!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Introducing SongShop Business Coaching

5 Key Pillars To Build Your Career

Business Setup:
Develop Plans & Strategies To Grow and Sustain Your Career

Financial Goals:
Create Income Streams in The Right Places

Social Development:
Grow And Manage Your Social Presence. Turn Listeners Into Fans.

Marketing Plan:
Create A Marketing Plan That Works For You.

Audience Management:
Keep Fans Engaged and Turn Them into Customers

All While Coaching and Training You How To Become the CEO of Your Career.

"Working with Steve has been such a wonderful experience! He was so dedicated to helping me get the best result for my projects. He is honest and very easy to communicate with, sets plans and schedules. Steve goes above and beyond to help give you the best quality for what you need. I highly recommend him!"

Neguine Niktash


"Working with Steve has been such a wonderful experience! He was so dedicated to helping me get the best result for my projects. He is honest and very easy to communicate with, sets plans and schedules. Steve goes above and beyond to help give you the best quality for what you need. I highly recommend him!"

Neguine Niktash


Meet Your MENTOR

Hey! My name is Steven Gerein – I am SO happy you landed here! 

It shows that you are serious about getting your career on track, and
that is exactly the type of artist I’m looking to work with.

I got my “professional” start in music back in 2012. Shortly after getting into my local scene, I started a country band. We went through some standard band drama and only ended up with a few of the original members. We had some struggles getting started and learned some hard lessons.


I ended up getting in contact with some folks who turned out to be amazing mentors, and taught me so much about the business side of music.


Once I learned about the “business of music” our success really began!


I was the primary writer and lead vocalist for the group. We went into the studio with 5 of our best songs, hired one of the best producers in the genre, and put out an EP. With that EP we had 3 songs chart in the top 100 at country radio, and 1 more ALMOST making it there too.

Now I realize that’s no “hit song” – but for an indie band it was pretty awesome. We toured the country, still have our music on radio stations world wide, and had a really good run until life took us all our separate ways. 

Me and another member were the primary “business guys”. And we were constantly complimented by how good we ran our band as a business. Over the course of my career as an indie artist, we made multiple 6 figures from gigs, merch, sales, and royalties. 

I LOVED the business side. I am a sucker for organization. Systems, promo, all the “boring” stuff to most musicians. When we started talking about a second album, I wanted to include some outside cuts. Seeing as we lived in a small city with a small music scene, we didn’t have any connections to writers or publishers… 

I searched the internet for a platform to license songs to record as our own – turns out it didn’t really exist. This is what inspired me to create SongShop. I wanted to build a platform where indie writers could pitch songs to indie artists. It was a combination of my two passions – business and music! 

"90% Business - 10% Music"

During the development of SongShop, I realized there was a huge gap that most indie artists were missing – the  music “BUSINESS”. I was once told by someone your music career is 80% business and 20% music when done right – I’d like to think it’s more 90-10 in today’s world! 


The business side can be pretty overwhelming –  proper branding, social media, websites, fan clubs, online stores, videos, music, distribution….. The list goes on and on! Yet it’s all crucial to long term success.

But don’t worry – I’m here for you! This stuff is my passion, and I LOVE helping teach people how it’s done. Wouldn’t you rather become an all in one package instead of constantly feeling lost and hiring people?

Once you know how to efficiently and effectively run your career like a business I guarantee you will start seeing more success with your music – and it will seem to come a lot easier.


Not only that – you will be way more attractive to labels when you show them that you already have your sh*t together!


But there are only so many people I can help….


Because what I do with you is so in depth – I’m only able to take on a few artists at a time, and I’m very picky about who I work with. 


If you have what it takes to uplevel your career, I’m currently accepting applications.


It’s time to take your career to the next level – apply below! I’ll be in touch!



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