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Here at SongShop we want to be your one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING songwriting! From song reviews to demo recording we've got you covered!

Get Your Songs Reviewed
The last step to the writing process is to get a second opinion. Our professional song reviews make sure your songs are ready for the recording and pitching process before you spend your precious time and money.
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Record (Demo) Your Songs
If you want to pitch your songs to potential publishers or recording artists - You need a demo! Our demo studios use world class musicians and state of the art gear to bring your songs to life. We tons of packages to fit your budget.
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Songwriter Coaching
Struggling to get your writing process down? Work one-on-one with a successful songwriter to hone your skills and level up your writing game.
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Direct Song Submissions
Tired of waiting for the perfect opportunity to come up? Take matters into your own hands and submit your song directly to the decision makers.
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Put Music To Your Lyrics
Don't play an instrument? No problem! Let our professional musicians put music to your lyrics.
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SongShop gives both artists and writers a platform to work together without taking a cut of anyone’s royalties. We advertise our library to artists all over the world, getting writers in front of new artists, and getting artists in front of new writers.

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