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Need music for your lyrical melody? You've come to the right place! Let a professional musician take care of it for you.

Do You Have Lyrics and a Melody?

We get it, not everyone can play and record an instrument. Simply send us your lyrics and a recording of you (or someone) singing the melody.....
.... And we'll send you a recording of some music to go along with them! It's really that simple

$ 65

  • Send Us Your Lyrics
  • Send Us A Vocal Recording
    (preferably to a click track!)
  • Choose your instrument:
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • OR
  • Piano
  • Get Your Recording!
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SongShop gives both artists and writers a platform to work together without taking a cut of anyone’s royalties. We advertise our library to artists all over the world, getting writers in front of new artists, and getting artists in front of new writers.

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