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Our Creative Management Team has worked with everyone from Kid Rock to Taylor Swift, and written number one hits for Jason Aldean to Luke Bryan.

From: Steven Gerein
Songwriter, Producer, & Founder of SongShop

You’ve spent countless hours writing amazing songs. 

You do it for the love of music and your craft, but you just want a chance to have your songs heard and make an impact with your writing. 

You have spent your hard earned money getting your demo’s created, and have a great catalog built up, just waiting for the chance to have them heard…

But we get it. You don’t have thousands of dollars to spend to just leave it to luck, to get your “chance”…

Here's The Good News!

Our Members Sell Licenses.
Our Members Get Cuts.

How Many?

Our current success rate is 600% above the industry average for indie writers. 

Some of our writers have licensed over 10 songs in the last year alone!

Can we guarantee you will have the same success? 

I wish we could, but that would just be unrealistic. 

What I can guarantee is that we have a team of people working hard every single day to give you and your songs the best shot they can have.

My biggest fear is that you will see me and SongShop as another “industry scam” just out for your money.

But I promise you that is not the case.

"We are real people, real songwriters doing our absolute best to help writers just like you." 
"We are real people, real songwriters doing our absolute best to help writers just like you." 

So come join us today and give you and your songs the success you deserve.


Bring Your Career To Life Instantly

Pitch Your Songs

Using our Pitch Platform you get unlimited pitches to indie artists, major labels, and for sync opportunities!

Make Money From Your Music

With our unique licensing system you get paid upfront.

Keep Control Of Your Music

When you license a song through SongShop you keep 100% of your royalties and copyright

Worldwide Promotion

Upload your songs and we promote them to artists and labels all over the world

Career Development

Get access to songwriter development from Publishers and Hit Songwriters

Members Only Access

Get members only perks like professional song demos, record label services, instant chat with artists, and so much more!


Join Over 1000 Creators!

how it works

Song Promotion


Upload your song catalogue (you will need an mp3 song demo, and a lyric sheet)


Select what types of licenses you want made available (Standard or Exclusive)


SongShop advertises your songs to artists who might be interested in recording them


You may also pitch songs directly to artists via the Pitch Platform


An artist purchases a license to record their own version of your song


You instantly get a cut of the license fee, plus 100% of royalties outlined in the license agreement

SongShop gives independent songwriters the opportunity to get their songs in front of artists from all over the world. Our unique platform helps you advertise your catalogue in a professional manner to get the most out of your songs – without giving up any of your royalties. All you have to do is create a profile and upload your catalogue. We take care of all the legalities and licensing so you can focus on the important part – writing great songs!



Selling Licenses to Artists is made simple by our E-Commerce Style Licensing System.

Purchasing a License is as easy as shopping at your favourite online store.

Artists Can Select Standard or Exclusive Licenses to purchase on your song. SongShop Automatically Creates Contracts for You!


Pitch Platform

Pitching Songs Has Never Been Easier!

Simply Click on the Pitch You Would Like to Submit to, Select Your Song, and Send a Message!


So - What's This Really Worth?

Unlimited Song Submissions - $300 Monthly Value

Automated Song Licensing - $400 Monthly Value

World Wide Catalogue Promo - $300 Monthly Value

Song Catalogue Hosting - $10 Monthly Value

100% Royalty Retention - Invaluable!

Exclusive Members Area - $10 Monthly Value

That's a combined value of over $1000!
(When paying for each service individually)

But You Can Have It All For Free!


If you sign up today you will get these awesome bonuses:

An Added Value of $400!

Usually $149.99

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We know trying new platforms can feel risky...

That's why we are making this a no brainer for you and taking away ALL the risk!

If You Don't Think This Is For You After 365 Days - Yep! An Entire Year, We Will Refund Your Membership

Pro Membership

Action Taker

14 Day Trial

Renews at $12.49 Per Month
(Billed Yearly)

Frequently Asked Questions

SongShop provides pitch opportunities to both indie and major label artists. We can’t guarantee your songs will be chosen, but we do guarantee they will be heard! If you only want A list artists to record your songs you can control who has access to them in your profile.

You’re right. Making money as a writer can be tough. But with SongShop We are changing that! SongShop is different for a few reasons:
  1. You get a percentage of the licensing fee upfront – no other platform does this
  2. You keep 100% of your royalties – traditional publishers always take a cut
  3. Licenses have mechanical royalties built in, every time your song gets sold you get paid. (Payouts are based on a 6 month schedule)
  4. We provide major label and sync opportunities. If your song gets cut you WILL make money.
The more artists that record your songs, the more money you can make!

Your songs are being promoted to artists consistently. The thing that’s going to sell the license is your song. If your song is great, artists will record it. SongShop is only as good as the songs that are uploaded! If you believe your songs are good and will sell, then they will sell! There are currently hundreds of artists and labels signed up on the platform waiting for the right songs to come along!

No, you need recorded demos of your songs. Lyrics, melody, and music are required.

No way! What you see is what you pay. Your membership fee will NEVER go up

Leave your mark as a songwriter

What are you waiting for? Get your career as a writer on track today. All you need is a recording of your song to get started!

There is no guarantee you will earn any money or sell any licenses using SongShop. Your subscription will renew at $12.49 per month, billed yearly after 14 days.

We guarantee your songs will be heard when you pitch songs to SongShop. We cannot guarantee other artists using the platform will listen to your songs.

Any and all forward-looking statements here, or on any of our sales materials are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors are important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or the testimonials of our customers. In fact, no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from the ideas and techniques on our platform