Song Licensing

Find out what selling a  license means for you and your songs below! This page is a summary of licenses granted through SongShop. If you have any additional questions regarding song licensing please contact us!

A picture of a song license
  • A Song License is automatically generated between the artist and writer at the time of purchase. 
  • Writers are able to choose what type of license is avaiable on each song.
  • Exclusive Licenses are transferred to a Standard License if it is not renewed before the expiry date.
  • See license terms below. For complete song license info, please see our Legal Page
Standard License
Exclusive License
World Wide Distribution
2500 Unit Sales Cap
Music Video Use
Social Media Use
Exclusive Song Rights
Mechanical Royalty (Paid To Writer)
$0.10 Per Copy Sold
$0.20 Per Copy Sold
License Term Length
10 Years
6 Months
License Fee

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For additional information check out our Legal page.