How It Works


  1. Create a profile
  2. Upload your song catalogue
  3. Select what types of licenses you want made available (Standard or Exclusive)
  4. SongShop advertises your songs to artists who might be interested in recording them
  5. You may also pitch songs directly to artists via the Pitch Platform →
  6. An artist purchases a license to record their own version of your song
  7. You get a cut of the license fee (determined by your membership tier), plus any royalties outlined in the license agreement
SongShop gives independent songwriters the opportunity to get their songs in front of artists from all over the world. Our unique platform helps you advertise your catalogue in a professional manner to get the most out of your songs – without giving up any of your royalties. All you have to do is create a profile and upload your catalogue. We take care of all the legalities and licensing so you can focus on the important part – writing great songs!


  1. Search our library of songs to find a song you want to record
  2. Create an account
  3. Purchase your desired license (Standard or Exclusive)
  4. SongShop provides you with the demo, lyrics, and chord chart (if applicable)
  5. You record your own version of the song – you do not get to use any portion of the recording.
  6. You pay the royalties outlined in the license agreement directly to the songwriter.
SongShop gives artists an entire library of songs to search through and record because we know that finding the time and having the proper network connections to get songs pitched to you can be an uphill battle. We remove that barrier and create a community where independent artists and writers can work together to help build each others’ careers.
SongShop provides all the licensing needed and doesn’t take any of your royalties. Don’t have time to look through our catalogue? No problem—have songwriters come to you. Head over to our Pitch Platform → and post exactly what you’re looking for. You can decide:
  • What type of songs you need
  • How many songs you’re looking for
Songwriters will pitch you songs through our custom pitching service and you can take it from there!


SongShop offers two types of Licenses; Standard and Exclusive.

What does a license look like? It is an agreement between the artist and the owner of the song that grants permission to release the song in an audio format. It also includes the rights to create and release a music video, as well as performing the song live on any video streaming platform. It details the rate the song owner is owed per physical sale, and all other requirements. At SongShop, we grant two kinds; Standard and Exclusive.

An unlimited number of Standard Licenses may be granted on any one song.
Only one Exclusive License may be granted on a song. It gives the artist exclusive rights to the song for a 6 month period, after which it is transferred to a Standard License unless renewed for another 6 month period.