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Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

 - SongShop Online Song Pitching & Licensing   - SongShop Online Song Pitching & Licensing

It’s simple – Instead of paying some advertising agency to spread the word about SongShop, I thought “Why don’t I get the community to spread the word and pay them?”

By joining the referral program, you are helping SongShop, yourself, and all the other artists and writers that use the platform! 

For every license or membership sale made from your referral link you get 20% of the sale, whether it’s your song an artist buys or not! If it’s a membership sale, you get 20% of the membership fee for as long as that person is a member!

When you help spread the word, you get more ears on your music, and more songs on the platform. With more songs, we can draw in even more artists! 

Once you sign up for the program, you will go to your dashboard. There you will get your own unique link. You share the link and promote SongShop on your social channels, share it with friends and colleagues, or how ever you want!

When someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you get paid 20% of what ever the purchase amount was! It’s that simple!


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You will need to use an email associated with your PayPal account in order to be paid your affiliate commission.