Song Pitching

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Our Pitch Platform is one of a kind. We are the only platform that offers both indie and commercial opportunities!

Commercial Pitching

  • Artist Pitches
  • Major Label Submissions
  • Sync Opportunities (coming soon)

All commercial opportunities are submitted to SongShop. All songs are guaranteed to be listened to. If your song is going to be sent on for pitch you will be contacted by our publishing team.

Songs are pitched by sending compilations to industry contacts or by a preferred label submission process. Our pluggers can recommend certain songs for certain artists, but ultimately we are pitching to the labels, artists A&R, managers, or whoever our contact happens to be for that artist or label. All commercial song pitching is subject to SongShop’s discretion.

Indie Pitching

  • Artist Pitches
  • Label Submissions
  • Publishing Opportunities

All indie pitches are submitted directly to the artist or label who created the pitch. 

Because these are submitted to artists using the platform, SongShop cannot guarantee these pitches will be listened to. It is up to the artist receiving the pitch to listen and respond to your submision.

**All Opportunities Are Subject To Current Availability And Are Not Guaranteed**


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