Frequently Asked questions

What is SongShop?

SongShop is a platform for songwriters to pitch their songs to artists, and a platform for artists to find new songs to record. For more information, see How It Works →

How Do I Upload My Songs?

Your songs are uploaded under the "My Catalog" tab on the My Account Page. For a detailed walkthrough of how to upload a song, please click HERE

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back After I Pitch My Songs?

To hear if your song(s) will be pitched for commercial opportunities it usually takes 3-6 weeks to hear back from us. 

How Do I Know You Actually Pitch Songs To Major Artists?

Once your song is sent for pitch you will receive a copy of the pitch sheet sent. This will include the song name, the date/time it was sent, the artist/label it was sent to, and the name of the industry contact who received it.

How Are My Royalties Collected?

Your royalties will be collected through the Performance Rights Organization or administrative company you are signed up with. Any mechanical royalties due will be paid directly to the writer by the artist who recorded your song. The artist that records your song is responsible for paying physical sales royalties (iTunes, CD’s) semi-annually as outlined in the contract.

How Are My Songs Protected?

You are protected by law through the copyright act. Once you have created your works, you as a writer are automatically protected under law as soon as it has been “fixed” in any material form.

We also recommend your songs to be registered with a PRO (Performance Rights Organization) before uploading them to your song catalogue. This way, you are set up to have performance royalties collected before an artist is interested in recording your song. Common PRO’s are SOCAN (Canada), ASCAP, or SESAC (USA)

How Can My Songs Be Used?

Your songs can be used in any way stated in the mechanical license. For more information, check out the license terms here. The artist is not able to use your songs for TV/video without your permission. This would require a synch license on top of your mechanical license

What is The Difference Between A Standard & Exclusive License?

A standard license allows the songwriter to grant multiple mechanical licenses on one song at the same time. 

Exclusive licenses grant the purchaser exclusive rights to the song for a 6 month term. It does not, however, terminate other licenses that may have been purchased previously. It only guarantees no new licenses will be granted on that song during the contract term. 

For more information check out our licensing page here — Licensing

Do I Get Tracks With A License?

No. Our licenses are for the rights to use the song. You must record your own version of the song.

What Kind of Songs Can I Upload?

We currently only accept songs that are recorded with lyrics. 

Demo's should be professional and polished. Poor demo recordings will only hurt your chances at getting an artist to record your song, or have a publisher interested in you.

Why Won't My Song Upload?

Are you trying to upload the correct file types? Be sure to read the description of the fields you are uploading. We only accept certain file types, and some fields have size restrictions.

For complete song upload info, CLICK HERE

Why Do I Need a PayPal Business Email?

You need your account email to be associated with your Paypal Business account. This is because you get paid commission on licenses sold on your songs! Without having a Paypal business email, the site cannot automatically pay you your commission when a license is is sold


If you have Any additional questionsfeel free to contact us!

We always do our best to respond in a timely manner. Customer Service hours are Monday – Friday 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. EST 


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