How To Upload A Song

First, you are going to need a few things ready before you get your songs uploaded. You will need:

  • A Full Song File (required)
    • This must be an mp3.
  • A Song Preview File (recommended)
    • This is 45-60 seconds of the song, usually showcasing the intro a verse, and a chorus. Enough of the song for a potential artist to get a full picture of it.
    • If you do not want/have a preview file you may use the full song here.
  • A Lyric Sheet (required)
    • This is for the artist in studio
    • Must be .pdf, .doc, or .docx
  • A Chord Chart (recommended)
    • For the artist in studio
    • Must be .pdf, doc, or .docx

If the file types are incorrect or too large the song will not upload

Songs may not upload using a mobile device, Safari, or Explorer.

It is recommended to use a desktop or laptop with Firefox or Google Chrome


Watch Below For a Demonstration

Create An Account

Create an artist account to add songs to your favorites.


The differences between the two can be found in the FAQ – “What is the Difference Between a Standard and Exclusive License?

For additional information check out our legal page.