How To Upload A Song

First, you are going to need a few things ready before you get your songs uploaded. You will need:

  • A Full Song File (required)
    • This must be an mp3.
  • A Song Preview File (recommended)
    • This is 45-60 seconds of the song, usually showcasing the intro a verse, and a chorus. Enough of the song for a potential artist to get a full picture of it.
    • If you do not want/have a preview file you may use the full song here.
  • A Lyric Sheet (required)
    • This is for the artist in studio
    • Must be .pdf, .doc, or .docx
  • A Chord Chart (recommended)
    • For the artist in studio
    • Must be .pdf, doc, or .docx

If the file types are incorrect or too large the song will not upload

Songs may not upload using a mobile device, Safari, or Explorer.

It is recommended to use a desktop or laptop with Firefox or Google Chrome


Watch Below For a Demonstration


Create An Account

Create an artist account to add songs to your favorites.


The differences between the two can be found in the FAQ

For additional information check out our Legal page.