5 Digital Tools to Help Organize Your Life

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In today’s world people are “busier” than ever before. It’s no denying that technology plays a huge role in what occupies our mind, but we can also use it to help organize those thoughts and keep a clear head space! With a hundred things fighting for our attention every time we look,  it’s no wonder people can be left feeling overwhelmed with a million things on their mind. 

Whether it’s songwriting, meeting with clients, producing, live performances, or just everyday tasks; having a few systems in place can help make our lives easier and clear the clutter that fogs up our mind!

With things properly set up, technology can truly pave the way for organization and productivity. I’m going to go over a few things you can do to help organize your life, and remove some of the overwhelm you might be feeling. I’m going to touch on the services that work for me, but feel free to modify to whatever brand or company you like to use!


This is probably number one in my books. It makes everything very accessible across all your devices so you can access anything from anywhere. It also makes sharing and sending to others a total breeze, without needing to upload files clogging up someone’s inbox. Speaking of inbox –  all of the major cloud services also include an email service, so whatever email service you use it will integrate flawlessly with their cloud service. 

A good cloud service should include the following to make your life easier:


  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Notes
  • Calendar 
  • Email
  • Storage

Services such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and GMail all work in sync together. If you run Android devices, Google is a great option. If you are in the world of Apple, their cloud services might work better for you!



Having a to do list app is the best way to get things out of your head and clear up some real estate! If you’re anything like me, I find my thoughts racing from time to time with all of the things I need to do or have coming up. 

The easiest way for me to organize my thoughts is to just open my app and jot down what I need to do. This allows me to stop constantly thinking about what I need to do. The two apps I would recommend are Things To-Do and Tasks. They allow you to have an account that makes going across devices simple! 

Using apps like this also makes prioritizing your tasks easier, they allow you to:

  • Slide tasks around 
  • Organize by priority
  • Create Sub-tasks
  • Create deadlines, 
  • Add notes to them.

A good to do app can help organize what you need to do and help relieve stress!



As a songwriter, having a voice recording app is a must! You never know when a melody or inspiration will strike.  Having something on hand to easily capture that idea will help to make sure you always have something to build off of when you sit down to write. 

If you are able to find one that stores your recordings via cloud storage, that is a bonus! I have unfortunately had to reset my phone or change phones, and in turn have lost all of my voice recordings I had made! 


This will help organize your entire life! Getting dates and deadlines out of your head and into a digital planner has literally saved me tons of missed appointments. Setting reminders and events for simple things like anniversaries, dentist appointments, all the way to important meetings and deadlines can help get rid of so much stress and anxiety. By scheduling your life, you remove the need to constantly try to remember what you have going on this afternoon. Just take a quick glance at your calendar and refresh your memory!



I’m sure everyone has a notes app, but I thought I should mention it! Whether it’s jotting lyrics down or adding to the grocery list a notes app is super convenient! I would recommend using one that is backed up to a cloud service so you can access it from your laptop (or any other device)

This makes transferring things like lyrics simple, and can allow you to add collaborators. This feature can be especially useful if you are doing a long distance co write, or want to share things like lists or plans with someone.



This last thing isn’t an app, and isn’t necessarily going to help you become more productive, but it is guaranteed to get you in a better mental state.


There is no better way to work through emotions, a problem, or make a tough decision then simply journaling it out. It allows you to get your thoughts in order, and really dive deep into your own thoughts! Journaling before bed is a great way to get your mind to stop racing when your head hits the pillow, and allows you to decompress and process your day.

You can journal with a writing app, but there is just something special about physically writing it down. Go buy yourself a journal that you love, and a pen that you like writing with! It will help you be more consistent with actually using them!



Have any thoughts on this topic? Let me know below!

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  1. Дякую за інформацію!
    Я вільна людина, творчість для мене хоббі, мій мозок успішно справляється з плануванням і римуванням. Я досить організована,
    щоб не застосовувати
    Андроїд для цього.
    Вам бажаю успіхів!

    I am a free person, creativity is a hobby for me, my brain successfully copes with planning and rhyming. I’m pretty organized.
    I wish you success!

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