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I began as pro musician in the late 80's, singing and playing for many bands, gigs and in studio production and post-production for tv-radio commercials and jingles. Attended in 1994 the 2nd composer's course at CET (Centro Europeo di Toscolano - Umbria) the Performing Arts School created and established by italian lyricist and producer Mogol, obtaining his degree as composer. Worked in studio with many artists, such as Toto Torquati (producer and arranger for many italian recording artists such Riccardo Cocciante, Ornella Vanoni, Claudio Baglioni), the italian singer Umberto Marcato well known and appreciated in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Collaborates with italian composer-musician Manrico Mologni who wrote for Mina in 1996 the top hit “Volami nel Cuore” (Vuela por mi vida) and Rosa co-produced with Gerard Depardieu and many other songs for different italian artists. I worked for 25 years as sound-designer, composer producing tv and radio commercials, jingles, station breaks, soundtracks and broadcast in general. I use Pro-Tools and Logic music softwares. In 1998 I wrote the pop song "One more try" that was recorded by swedish band Arvingarna and included in their cd “Airplane”, in which some tracks were produced by Tony Visconti. My first solo record "A world inside" under the the name of Jaybee was issued in 2000 and contains all instrumental tunes self performed, arranged and produced. I recorded for salsa-latin band Mezcla Latina and keyboardist Ascanio Scano, well known in Venezuela, Mexico and California for his work with top south- american artists as Fernando Carrillo and pianist Otmaro Ruiz. Played live with italian blues harmonicist Marco Pandolfi, with the singers Vittorio Matteucci, Lola Ponce, Joe Di Tonno, Marco Guerzoni, played as opening act for Johnny Clegg & Savuka in late 80's and with Darryl Jones. Played in many gigs as guitarist for the Musicals "Jesus Christ Superstar", "The Blues Brothers", "The Music Wall", this last based on Pink Floyd discography. With the acoustic Trio “The Way Back” I recorded an produced “Simple Songs” in 2015. With Morrocoy Band I recorded and produced “Sospeso” in 2009 and “Nueva Luz” in 2015. This last cd was recorded and co-produced with Mr. Richie Gajate Garcia who's current percussionist for Phil Collins, Patti Labelle, Diana Ross, C.Cross, J.Denver, Sting,S.Wonder, persian star Googoshand many other international stars since 40 years. Richie is one of the top endorsers of Latin Percussion Company. Richie and Morrocoy Band played live together in 2014-2015-2016. “Nueva Luz” is available on Amazon, I-Tunes and Cd Baby.





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