Beckett Dillon

Beckett Dillon

BMI 1158424846

Artist, Songwriter


I am a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, and audio engineer who is versatile in the crafting and editing of both music and sound. I focus and specialize in using sound to shape a story, whether it be composing and scoring for visual media, producing and writing songs for other Artists or creating immersive sound design. Currently, I have produced and delivered over 150+ custom songs to happy customers. I also release and perform music as an independent artist under the name Severian.  I have developed an intriguing music style and soundscape that draws upon influences from the various works of cinematic composers like Clint Mansell, Ramin Djwadi, and Junkie XL; as well as bands like Nine Inch Nails, Circa Survive, Thrice, and Woodkid. My unique brand of music is built upon a foundation of elemental atmospheres that fuse lush melodic layers with dynamic percussive energy to create a canvas of movement. I aim to produce music that intertwines melodies with moods in such a way that allows them to merge in and out of each other throughout the course of the track. This urges the listener towards a spellbinding journey through their inner world carried by the balance of the intimate yet massive soundscape.



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