7 Reasons To Record A Song You Didn’t Write

7 Reasons To Record A Song You Didn't Write

As an artist there is probably going to come a time where you have the option to record a song someone else wrote, or a time where you will be looking for a songwriter. Depending on where you are at in your life, your career, and what your opinion is on recording outside songs, there might be some mixed emotions. 

The music industry is saturated these days. Spotify currently has over 50 million tracks at the time of writing this, so having a great song is more important than ever!

Having the luxury or browsing through a catalogue of songs to record as your own can ensure you always have quality songs!

Let’s go over 7 good reasons to record a song someone else wrote


1. A different sound

If you are a beginner or intermediate writer you might start to find that your songs sound the same. Especially if you do most of your writing solo! If you record a song written by someone else, it will bring a different sound and different story into your repertoire. Something new and exciting will keep your fans engaged and wondering what will come next.

2. More publicity 

If the writer you are getting a song from has a decent sized following already this is a perfect opportunity to gain some new fans. The writer will almost always promote your release to their fans, so it’s another way to reach more people. It’s easier to gain true fans if they are coming from a source they already like, know, and trust!

3. Keep Things Fresh

Maybe things are getting stale around the studio. Or maybe you are just running out of things to write about. Grabbing a song from an outside writer is a great way to breathe new life into your album and creative process. Outside cuts on an album or EP can really stand out and keep things diverse!

4. Supporting Writers

When you record a song from an outside writer, you are supporting the indie music scene! Most writers, just like you, are trying to make a name for themselves. If you genuinely like an original song they have written, recording it is supporting them. What goes around comes around!

5. Maybe you don’t write great songs

Don’t take it personally. Not everyone is a great writer. Just like some folks can write great songs but can’t sing or perform. If you want some help with your writing – THIS is a great place to start! If you have a passion for singing and performing, sometimes it’s best to focus on what you do best and let someone else take care of the writing. By getting your songs from other writers you can make sure it’s a great song every time.

6. It’s fast & Easy

In order to stay on top and build a career you need to release a single at least every couple of months. And if you’re a well seasoned writer – maybe 1 out of every 5 or 10 songs you write will be good enough to release. If you’re like most independent artists you have a ton on your plate and might not have the time to focus on writing original songs as much as you should – you need to write a lot!

By using a song from a writer, you free yourself from the stress of having to write so often and can focus on other important career building elements! 

7. No Emotional Attachment

What? Seriously. I’ve ran into this before when working with an artist. They had these songs for years they finally wanted to record –  the only issue was they had no idea what they wanted and had only ever heard them the way they had played them. 

No matter what I did, it “wasn’t what they were looking for” but they could not for the life of them tell me what they had for a vision. 

Sometimes we can get so emotionally attached to our creations that it’s unhelpful. Usually when you take your song to a producer to get recorded for a professional release you trust the producer – at least that’s why you hired them right? 

If you are so emotionally attached to your songs that you can’t handle any changes or take criticism on them, it might be best to work on original songs you didn’t write. The outcome will be much better, the songs will be easier to work on, and everyone will be happier in the end.

So  – How Do I Find Songs to Record?

That’s where SongShop comes in! SongShop is a platform for musicians, artists, songwriters, and bands to work together and find original songs to record. With our unique system, you can buy original songs to record and release as your own to your fans! 


So there you have it! If you’re ready to find a song for your next release – get started here!f you

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