McMillin – Break The Skin

Break The Skin by McMillin puts a light vibe on a heavy topic. The song is about coming to grips with ugly sides of your personality and the realities that come with sharing that with a significant other.

Right away the song hooks you in with some California, beechy, surf rock guitar riffs. It’s the first time in a while I’ve heard a song intro that actually makes me excited to hear the rest of the song! The intro drops perfectly into a slow and mellow melody. Soft, airy, with some tasty bass licks. It’s VERY soulful. This is where you can really hear the Stevie Wonder influences, especially with the keyboard trills that carry through the rest of the track! The chorus hits with tons of energy. Producer Brennen Stuart really brings this part of the song to life.

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The song carries on with a great blend of soul and surf rock vibes. McMillin is an artist you will definitely want to follow and add to your playlists!

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