Why use SongShop?

SongShop connects music creators with music users

Whether you’re an artist looking for a new single, a podcaster looking for a theme song, or a producer looking to license your tracks – we’ve got you covered!

We advertise our library to artists all over the world, getting writers and producers in front of new artists and brands, and getting music users the music they need.

By becoming a SongShop member, you’re becoming a part of a new innovative music industry. You’re teaming up with other writers, and artists to move the independent industry forward.  

What a membership includes:

Producers & Songwriters:

  • A personal profile to host and advertise your song catalog.
  • An opportunity to personally pitch songs to artists all over the world.
  • Maintain 100% control and ownership of your songs.
  • Keep 100% of the royalties you are entitled to. 
  • Use of our simple licensing system. View licensing information here 
  • Get paid a commission of every license sold on your songs.
  • Get your songs advertised to artists by us.


  • A personal profile to host your bio, links to socials, and brand information.
    • This is important so our members can research your sound before pitching and sending you songs!
  • The opportunity to get songs pitched directly to you by writers and producers. Create a pitch request on our pitch platform and have the songs come to you!
  • Simple, straightforward music licensing
  • A catalog of songs to search from writers all over the world.



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