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Mastering The Rhyme

There are so many different parts of a song, and plenty of aspects that go into writing one – but none are as important or as challenging as rhyming! Rhyming on the surface is making the ends of lines sound the same, but when you take a closer look at

5 Ways To Create a Lyrical Hook

AN ART   Songwriting is truly an art form, and much like painting a picture, you need many different colours. True artists understand all the different colours and how they “play” together. The way they flow from one to the next, how they contrast, and how different shades and lines

5 Reasons You Should be Releasing a Single Every Month

If you’re an independent artist who is looking to grow their following, there are plenty of effective ways to do so. Dropping a full length album out of the blue is not one of them. (Unless you have a 6-figure marketing budget and you’re Taylor Swift, then maybe). Rolling out

How to Get Your Song on Commercial Radio

DISCLAIMER Okay – so this is a blog on how to get your music on the radio, but I can’t guarantee that you will get your music on the radio following these steps. Radio, especially commercial radio, is a super competitive area that is dominated by the big record labels

Why You Might Want a Band Partnership Agreement

SAVING GRACE It was a hectic weekend, band members getting caught up at work, showing up late, angry venue owners, and hella stressful. Literally 30 seconds before we were supposed to start the show, the final band member showed up. We played the show and thought the night went quite

How to Track Your Finances

So you want to be financially stable and make some money with your music. I get it – so do I! The first and most important step to finances and money is to actually track it! What you track will grow (a little money manifesting tip). It’s important to know

Treating Your Music Career Like a Business

Whether you are just getting started, or have been making music for years; if you are serious about making an income from your music you need to start treating yourself like a business NOW.

How to Get a Pro Sounding Record – Without a Pro Budget!

NOT SO SECRET It’s no secret that making a record these days looks entirely different than it did 20 – hell even 10 years ago. The internet and modern technology have made amazing sounds and musicians within reach of every home studio owner out there. The big question most have

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