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3 Reasons You Need A Website as A Musician

With all the social platforms available for free these days, you might wonder why having a dedicated artist or band website is needed. I see tons of musicians and artists say “Oh I just use Facebook” or “My IG page is good enough” Well I’m here to tell you it’s

How To Promote A Single Release

Releasing a single is the standard way of releasing music these days. How to promote a single release can vary depending on your goals. but following these few steps can get you on the road to success, no matter what your goal is!   Step 1: Choose Your Objective Isn’t

Social Media Basics For Musicians and Bands

In this article we are going to cover how to grow as an artist with some social media basics. If you’re just getting started, this is for you! Social media can be overwhelming. There are SO MANY platforms out there it can get confusing on where to even start. The

The Magic of a Song Review

Intro When it comes to getting artists to record our songs as writers, there are tons of factors that come into play. So how can I narrow it down to one simple thing that will increase your chances of getting a song picked up? Of course! A song review is

How to Make Money As A Songwriter

It’s Not A Joke How to make money as a songwriter…. Whenever making money as a songwriter is mentioned, there is often a large division in the crowd. One side will laugh at the thought, while the other is quietly grinding away making things happen for themselves. Even if it’s

Maximizing Your Investment Using The Latest Music Trends

Music trends are constantly changing and are essentially what pushed the industry in a certain direction. This music trend isn’t something that is necessarily new, but I have seen it grow to new heights in the last couple of months. WRITING WITH A PURPOSE One of these music trends that

Song Demo Banner

3 Reasons You Need A Pro Song Demo

What is a Song Demo? In the world of songwriting, the term “demo” is thrown around often and you’ve probably heard of it a time or two! Any professional or amateur writer, for that matter, should know that if they want success from their writing they need to professionally demo

5 Tips For Song Pitching

Getting Up On the Mound Song pitching seems like a pretty straightforward task – but there is more to it than you think. I have had so many writers pitch me what they think is their “best songs” and get upset when they don’t get a reply or a cut.

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Mia Delamar – Cool

Hailing from Conyers Georgia, Mia Delamar is a soulful-pop sensation with clear roots in R&B. With grooving basslines riding underneath Mia’s free-flowing vocal, ‘Cool’ is

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