How to Get a Pro Sounding Record – Without a Pro Budget!

NOT SO SECRET It’s no secret that making a record these days looks entirely different than it did 20 – hell even 10 years ago. The internet and modern technology have made amazing sounds and musicians within reach of every home studio owner out there. The big question most have

How to Plan and Budget For a New Record

Click here for your free album planning and budgeting template So you and the band are finally ready to get into the studio and record your first album! Or maybe you are going to put it all together yourself, and outsource what you need (read my blog on doing that here).

How To Hire A Producer

You’re ready to take your songs to the next level – but you don’t know where to start. That’s okay! Producers are out there to help you do exactly that. They often have the vision and connections to bring your songs to life! WHAT DO YOU NEED? If you are

The First Online Pitching Platform

The online world can be a  vast and scary landscape these days. Whether you’re headed down the rabbit hole of “the best studio mic for beginners”, or some conspiracy theory,  it’s pretty clear to see there’s a massive wealth of knowledge – both factual and fictional – that is available

SongShop – From the Ground Up

I couldn’t believe that in today’s day and age, there was not a single place on the internet that an independent writer could host their song catalogue and advertise it to artists all over the place! I mean there are dogs and cats that have millions of Instagram followers… How can this not exist?

Create An Account

Create an artist account to add songs to your favorites.


The differences between the two can be found in the FAQ – “What is the Difference Between a Standard and Exclusive License?

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