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7 Reasons To Record A Song You Didn’t Write

As an artist there is probably going to come a time where you have the option to record a song someone else wrote, or a time where you will be looking for a songwriter. Depending on where you are at in your life, your career, and what your opinion is

Royalties & Where To Find Them (Simplified) (sort of)

As if the music industry wasn’t hard enough to navigate, collecting all the song royalties an artist or songwriter is entitled to can get a little overwhelming. When my band released our first album along with 4 radio singles, we had over $50,000 we didn’t know about sitting with one

Setting Up A Home Studio

Ah yes! The old topic of the home studio. This is a topic I am well versed in! Before deciding to create SongShop, I actually was going to give it a go at becoming a full time producer running my home studio. I had the privilege of working alongside some

5 Digital Tools to Help Organize Your Life

In today’s world people are “busier” than ever before. It’s no denying that technology plays a huge role in what occupies our mind, but we can also use it to help organize those thoughts and keep a clear head space! With a hundred things fighting for our attention every time

Mastering The Rhyme

There are so many different parts of a song, and plenty of aspects that go into writing one – but none are as important or as challenging as rhyming! Rhyming on the surface is making the ends of lines sound the same, but when you take a closer look at

5 Ways To Create a Lyrical Hook

AN ART   Songwriting is truly an art form, and much like painting a picture, you need many different colours. True artists understand all the different colours and how they “play” together. The way they flow from one to the next, how they contrast, and how different shades and lines

5 Reasons You Should Release a Single Every Month

Why would you want to release a single every month? If you’re an independent artist who is looking to grow their following, there are plenty of effective ways to do so. Dropping a full length album out of the blue is not one of them. (Unless you have a 6-figure

SongShop Press

Mia Delamar – Cool

Hailing from Conyers Georgia, Mia Delamar is a soulful-pop sensation with clear roots in R&B. With grooving basslines riding underneath Mia’s free-flowing vocal, ‘Cool’ is

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