How To Prep Your Music For Sync Licensing

How To Prep Your Music For Sync Licensing

Sync licensing is quickly becoming the most lucrative area for music creators to generate income. And it’s not surprising! At the time of writing this, Youtube has just announced over 6 billion dollars paid out to creators! The question for most producers and creators is, how do I tap into the sync licensing market? And […]

How To Make Money With Your Songs

In this article we will cover how to make money with your songs. Whether you are an artist, producer, or songwriter, this will apply to everyone! Making music a full time career is more accessible then it has ever been before. Along with that, it might be more complicated than it ever has been before! […]

How To Write A Music Press Release

If you are an independent artist, odds are you will be writing your own music press release. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! And writing a press release for music is actually much easier than it sounds. Just follow a few simple steps and these guidelines to craft your own music press release! When […]

3 Tips To Build Lasting Connection With Your Fans

Building a loyal fanbase in today’s music era is more difficult than it may have been a few decades ago, but reaching people is easier than ever before. So how do we use the tools and accessibility of people to our advantage to build a true following? To build “die hard” fans that hang on […]

How To Build A Loyal Fan Base

Connecting to The Feelings As an indie artist, nothing is more rewarding than your fan base singing your song back to you, or sending you messages about how much they love your music! As much as we all love making music, the feeling of impacting people with it is a special thing! When it comes […]

5 Ways to Make Money As A Musician in 2022

Being an independent artist these days seems like more of an expense than an actual career choice – at least that’s how it can seem when you first get started! If you want to make money as a musician, it can seem impossible at first.   But the truth is, with the proper income streams, […]

Music Licensing 101

Introduction To Music Licensing Music licensing is how users of music such as TV shows, movies, or streaming services  get permission to use music from the rights owners. Licenses are granted simply so creators and rights holders get paid for the use of their music.  It is also one of the best revenue sources for […]

How To Grow Your Email List As a Musician

How To Grow An Email List…. Is This Really Relevant? When it comes to growing your audience and fan base as an Artist, nothing is more important – or more overlooked than the email list. Email lists have been, are, and will always be one of the most important online marketing tools! Why? Because it […]

3 Reasons You Need A Website as A Musician

With all the social platforms available for free these days, you might wonder why having a dedicated artist or band website is needed. I see tons of musicians and artists say “Oh I just use Facebook” or “My IG page is good enough” Well I’m here to tell you it’s not enough. With streaming platforms […]

How To Promote A Single Release

Releasing a single is the standard way of releasing music these days. How to promote a single release can vary depending on your goals. but following these few steps can get you on the road to success, no matter what your goal is!   Step 1: Choose Your Objective Isn’t my objective to get people […]